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Home Goods-Oil-Free Air Fryer


If "fried" "skewered" is very healthy, you don't have to worry about obesity calories, the three high people can eat it freely, you don't have to be bitter about it, admonish the greedy children. Will life be less troublesome? If cooking is easy. Prepare the ingredients throw them directly into the pot. You don’t need to worry about the hot oil splashing, the smoke is filled, you don’t need to stir fry the stall, toss back forth, don’t need to stay in the kitchen check it time to time, so you can liberate your hands, liberate time, live. Will there be more comfort calmness?

If I have one pot in hand, I have delicious food, fried, fried, baked, roasted, proficient in everything, simple two three steps, made Western desserts, played Chinese barbecue, kitchen white can also easily make restaurant standards, friends Circle punch card envy others, will life become better because of the food? ,

In the sincerity of turning the above "if" into reality, we found a good home-oil-free air fryer.

It can satisfy our wish to "eat healthy fried foods", you can make tempting fried chicken chips without opening a fire adding a drop of oil. You can also skewer, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled fish, grilled chicken wings, barbecue, fried shrimp, etc., the utility rate is high.

What is this black technology? The editors who haven't seen the world are also stunned. Its "deep frying" is really frying, but adopts 360° spiral air high-speed circulation technology to form a rapidly circulating heat flow in a closed pot, using air to represent hot oil to make food cooked.

While heating the food, the heat flow blows away the moisture of the ingredients, forming a crispy skin, forcing out the fat of the ingredients themselves, so that the ingredients can achieve the effect of frying without rolling oil. No need to deal with fume, it is also more friendly to the hostess, cares for the user. because the air circulation in the pot is bad, the food itself is heated very evenly, there is no need to worry about burning, the inside outside are moving tender. Even the little white in the kitchen can be transformed into a Chinese little master make excellent food.

Large capacity, just suitable for a family, fried chicken, fried shrimp, grilled fish, barbecue... one meal at a time. Coupled with the fully intelligent design, the operation is simple, hands are instantly liberated, there is no burden for cooking.

With this Jiewei air fryer, you can only get greedy at any time, but also easily prepare a big meal at home. There is no need to worry about calories, obesity the three highs. Children the elderly can also eat with confidence, delicious healthy.


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