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Jaway Air Fryer | Light food, healthy oil-free


Light foodism opens the era of oil-free. Still worried about whether you will be fat  have a healthy diet? The traditional cooking method, high oil content in frying is unhealthy,  together with Jaway air fryer, open a healthy era without "oil"!

Jet air fryer, filter oil without oil. You can eat small snacks with peace of mind, low-oil  low-fat to meet the small desire to eat goods, focus on more professional, light life without oil, no oil can also make a wonderful good fried chicken.

Say goodbye to the era when thick oil  red sauce can make delicious food. Light food will make you drool. Thousands of foods are in this oil-free air fryer. Body chef skills.

Cooking is exciting, playing with the kitchen, manually adjusting the temperature  time, responding to different ingredients, frying, roasting, frying,  letting Xiaobai find a sense of existence in the kitchen.

360° hot air circulation at high speed, keeping the original taste of the food, air instead of frying, heat penetration, heat convection, heat circulation, tenderness on the outside, delicate tenderness  smoothness, making the food crispy on the outside, tender  tender Tongue swallowed.

only is it easy to cook, it is also more convenient to clean, non-stick coating, easy to wash,  easy to scratch  fall off. It is evenly heated, oil-free  easy to use. It is clean  does  hide dirt. It is cleaned at the first stroke,  it is no longer necessary to brush up  quarrel for the sake of eating.

During the cooking process, open the fry basket  turn over the food 3-5 minutes, so that the food is heated more evenly, so the fried food is evenly heated, crispy  delicious, the pot body is drawn out  the power off, safe  intimate, easy to use.

4L large capacity, one pot to meet the needs of the whole family, this fried whole chicken, cooking a healthy food with low fat  low oil, air instead of frying, 200 degrees high temperature defatting, no oil gives you a healthy diet, fried delicious meal .



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