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Large-capacity air fryer, for you to realize the dream of eating healthy fried chicken!


After staying at home for so long, I still don't dare to order takeaway after starting work, most restaurants do dare to go. During this time, the baby thought that KFC McDonald's would be crazy, the editor is no exception. The most thought in addition to milk tea is fried chicken. Upon seeing deep-fried things, many people will probably refuse: too hot, the oil outside is clean, it is easy to sore throat...

But I have to say that such a crispy delicious fried chicken, aside the two worries of "getting fat" "getting angry", who doesn't want to eat a big meal, with iced cola, wow~ this is the feeling of happiness Yeah.

Although we often control ourselves in eating "junk food", we know that occasionally a "junk food" can really make us feel good. Besides, it is good to eat too much food. Occasionally, it can only adjust the mood, but in fact it is so harmful to our body.

Deep-fried on a hot plate, Jincancan salt crisp chicken, served with ice cola, fruit orange, choose a movie, lie leisurely on the sofa to enjoy, this kind of happiness is really what the salad grain can give.

Want a crispy delicious taste, but do want to consume too much fat, but also clean without splashing oil? How to meet the above conditions at once, I recommend you to get a Jet Air Fryer.

The appearance of the Jaway Air Fryer is very simple, with a generous concise color scheme, plus a control panel, the overall look is very clean refreshing, full of sense of technology. The streamlined handles are very firm stable.



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