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Is the air fryer worth buying?


Fried food is a very common type of food in life, fried chicken, fried chicken steak, fried chicken wings, fried chicken legs, french fries, fried dough sticks, hemp, etc., there are many fried foods that everyone can think of, small I just drooled when I thought about it! However, fried food is always controversial, it is labeled as unhealthy because of its high calorie high fat properties.

So what are the hazards of fried food? Eating fried foods often makes people look aging; it is easy to cause fat accumulation lead to obesity; it is easy to indigestion, which leads to gastrointestinal diseases.

In fact, fried food is equal to unhealthy. The thing that Xiaobian wants to give everyone Amway today is an oil-free air fryer that can balance eating health.

The "fry" of the air fryer is really fried, but uses 360° spiral air high-speed circulation technology. In short, it uses air to replace the original hot oil in the fryer, uses convection heating similar to the solar hot air. A fast-circulating heat flow is formed in the closed pot to make the food cooked.

Don't worry about the bad taste of food that is heated by oil. The air fryer takes away the moisture of the food itself while processing the food, which makes the skin of the food crispy, uses the oil contained in the food itself to cook, finally achieves the effect of frying without frying. This means that using it to treat food will only produce no oily smoke, but also produce food with very few calories. Don't worry about high fat high calorie!

The main reason why some kitchen rookies can't make good dishes is that they can't master the heat, but this brand of air fryer won't have such trouble! Through the timing temperature control buttons on the front of the fryer, you can adjust the temperature time settings at will. In other words, you only need to adjust the time temperature of the recipe to do other things. When the time is up, the machine the power is automatically turned off, the internal constant temperature control, circulating heating, the heat distribution is more uniform, don't worry about roasting . The fool-style operation can also make chef-level snacks!

In terms of details, the jaway air fryer is also very nice. It adopts a separable fry basket design. The fat food can be directly separated to achieve the effect of filtering the fat. Gently press pull out the frypot, you can put in the food without worrying about getting your hands hot.

The non-stick pan liner is easy to clean, the entire cooking process is quite easy. Pay attention to avoid hard objects such as steel balls during the cleaning process.



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