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How delicious is the cheesecake made in the air fryer? (part 2)


1. Soufflé Cheese Cake

Greenhouse softened cream cheese is melted by adding sugar stirring, then pour egg yolk, vanilla extract, lemon juice mix well, then pour plain yogurt light cream continue to mix well. Pour in the corn starch stir it thoroughly until it is free of particles. Next, send meringue. Egg whites can be frozen for 15 minutes before use, covered with plastic wrap in advance, poked a few holes to refrigerate overnight. Fine sugar is added in 2 portions. Add the first sugar when the egg white is beaten to a rough bubble. Beat to a fine foam add remaining fine sugar. Continue to send to a wet dry state, lift the hook with the egg head falling back. The meringue is added to the cheese batter twice the mixture is evenly mixed, the cheese batter evenly mixed is smooth silky.

2. Baking

Brush a layer of butter on the bottom of the baking tray, put a piece of baking paper on the bottom, put a piece of sponge cake as the bottom. Because it is baked in a water bath, I chose a solid bottom mold. The sponge cake is chosen because it has a rich taste you can add it. Pour the cheese paste into the mold level it slightly. Set the temperature of the oil-free air fryer bake at 150 degrees for 5 minutes to preheat. Put a large baking tray in the pot, put a piece of kitchen paper in the baking tray, then pour a layer of hot water, then put the mold with cheese paste in the hot water of the baking tray. Just send it into the fryer wait for the result! Take it out after baking, without inversion demoulding, cool it to the greenhouse send it to the refrigerator for one night. After refrigerating, the cheesecake will shrink back a little bit, it will be fine to directly reverse the mold. It looks good.

3. Top cheese

This step can be omitted, you can make an avalanche noodle cream decoration. The method is very simple. Pour the sugar into the cream cheese stir until it melts, then pour it into the whipped cream that is distributed to 5 mix well, put it in a decorative bag. Squeeze it on the top layer of the cake, smooth it with a spatula, finally sift a layer of powdered sugar to finish it. The fluffy, thick layer of cheese cheese looks particularly wintery.

The cheesecake made with the Gateway air fryer is so light soft inside that it can't stop bite to bite. You can try it.



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