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What is the difference between an air fryer an oven?


The working principle of the air fryer the oven is different. The air fryer is heated by convection of the entire air, the oven is heated by the upper lower heating pipes. Of course, the functions of the oven the air fryer overlap.

The oil-free air fryer has a small space, the hot air circulates quickly, which can quickly lock in the moisture. The juice in the meat will be much more than that baked in the oven. The taste will be much better. This is beyond the reach of the oven.

Jaway air fryer, save trouble, as long as the air fryer has mastered the time of food baking, put it in the air fryer, people can do other things, don't worry about the upper tube is too fierce, the color is too dark, the oven needs to observe time to time, The upper tube was fierce covered with tin foil.

The air fryer is easy to clean. If grilling in the oven will dirty the inside of the oven, cleaning the inside of the oven the baking tray the slag tray are very very headaches. The air fryer is wiped clean with a dish cloth, cleaning is no longer difficult.

The air fryer is smaller than the oven easy to move. If you want to make large cakes breads, you still have to choose the oven. The inner space of the air fryer cannot make large cakes larger than 8 inches. All kinds of dessert molds such as waffles 6-piece cake molds cannot use air. Fryer.

Lastly, compared to traditional frying, air fryers are indeed more fuel efficient, but this does mean that you can eat food made by air fryers unscrupulously. It is a good choice to add some tricks to daily cooking.



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