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Air Fryer-Super Simple Recipe Collection (Part 1)


I really like the Jaway Air Fryer, healthy, simple  fast! I have several friends who ask me what I do with the fryer. It seems that there is nothing to do  it is  practical. So, I sorted out the frypot recipes that I tried out  share them with you! It's super simple, uncomplicated, handy,  super delicious.

"Boiled" eggs:

Preheat the oil-free air fryer 250F (120C) for 3 minutes, put the egg in for 13 minutes, take it out  put it in ice water to cool it. The eggs are super tender.

Spiced peanuts:

Put salt, pepper grains, peppercorns, star anise  cinnamon in warm water  soak for 1.5 hours.

Preheat the fryer for 3-4 minutes, then fry at 320F (160C) for 20 minutes. During the frying process, pull the drawer out  shake it to make the peanuts evenly heated. When the time is up, pour it out to dry, it tastes crispy.

fried potato:

Cut the potatoes into pieces  strips, then put in any seasonings, add just one spoonful of oil  mix well! Preheat the 390F (200C) fryer for 3 minutes, put the potatoes in,  fry the 360F (180C) for 15-18 minutes.

Potato chips:

1/8” thick slices, blistered for 10 minutes, wipe dry, add oil  mix well. After baking, take out salt  black pepper. Pre-heat the frypot 300F (150C) for 5 minutes  roast for 25 minutes. Evenly!

Sesame Ball:

Add 30g sugar to 70g boiled water, mix well  add 100g glutinous rice flour. Wrap the sesame with some water after wrapping. Dip the brush lightly on the surface, gently preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes,  fry at 280F (140C) for 15 minutes!

Fried five-spice tofu:

Boxed tender tofu, sliced. Preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes,  fry at 360F (180C) for 20 minutes. After the fryer is deep fried, add oil to the sauce, add tofu, stew without juice, add seasoning to fry, then leave the pot.

Ingredients: soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper grains, pepper grains, water;

Seasoning: white pepper powder, black pepper powder, Korean chili powder (colored,  spicy), cumin powder

Hemp tofu:

Soak the tofu in brine for 20 minutes  the air fryer 360F (180C) for 20 minutes. Add oil to the pot, put a spoonful of homemade spicy oil, a small spoonful of soy sauce, add tofu after boiling, stir to cook, then add green onion  coriander (tender tofu is recommended)

Spicy oil: white pepper powder, black pepper powder, sesame pepper powder, Korean pepper powder, salt, sugar, sesame. Heat the oil  pour in  mix well!



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