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Easy French fries, air fryer step by step version


At the request of everyone, share the French fries of the air fryer recipe today. The air fryer is actually similar in function to the oven, but it is more convenient to operate use, especially the fried food made is healthier easier to clean.

Preparation materials:

600g fresh potatoes

1 scoop of olive oil

Salt amount

French fries

step 1

Choose 2 fresh potatoes (approximately 500-600 grams is suitable), of course, you can also use baked french fries (frozen french fries) sold in supermarkets. But the fun of doing it yourself is still very important!

Step 2

After peeling the potatoes, cut them into narrow strips of about 15 mm, then soak them in clean water for more than 20 minutes.

Step 3

Take out the chips to drain the water, you can use kitchen paper to absorb the water.

Step 4

A spoonful of olive oil a little salt make a bowl of mixture.

Step 5

Now you can start booking an air fryer, 180 degrees, preheat for 5 minutes.

Step 6

Spread the olive oil salt mixture evenly on the fries.

Step 7

Put the fries into the fry basket, then put the fry basket into the air fryer, 180 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. During this period, the French fries must be turned several times.

Step 8

Time is up, fragrant fries are ready

Step 9

Now quickly find out the tomato sauce enjoy it beautifully!

Cooking Tips for French Fries

Be sure to drain the fries so that they are crispy soft inside.



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