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Ten practical skills of air fryer (part 2)


6. Shredded bread, thick toast, leftover dumplings, egg yolk crisp, the hot wind blows just like the one just out of the pan, the outside crisp is invincible delicious inside. Remember to apply a thin layer of oil to the leftover dumplings, it will be too dry, it will also have the effect of fried dumplings.

7. The same grilled eggplant in the grill

Method: Split the long eggplant the middle, use a flower knife, put in an air fryer for 180 degrees for 6 minutes; fry the thin oil in the pot add garlic onion to saute the aroma, + salt + seafood soy sauce + oyster sauce + thirteen spices; Pour the good garlic on the eggplant, then 180 degrees for 5 minutes. The best way to roast eggplant 0 fails!

8. Tin foil nail powder

Method: Fans soaked in soft + garlic + oyster sauce + sugar to adjust to your favorite taste; after the beetle is spitted out cleaned, blanched. Spread tin foil on the fried basket, put the vermicelli first, then put on the nails, finally topped with garlic sauce. Out of the pot at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes.

9. Onion Rings + Colonel Chicken Nuggets + Chicken Wishbone + French Fries, Snack Platter

Practice: Buy semi-finished products online, after thawing, spray a little oil (more onion rings with bread crumbs, the finished product will be so dry), 180 degrees 15~20min, take it out in about ten minutes to see what to turn Yes, baked food is fine. The outside is usually golden brown, with tomato sauce.


10. Homemade small pizza

Method: Brush pizza sauce on the toast (no salad dressing + tomato sauce), put your favorite ingredients: ham slices, onions, color peppers, cheese slices; 180 degrees for 7 minutes. It's crispy scorched after taking a bite, I will never miss the pizza sold outside!

The above are the 10 air fryer recipes this time! Healthy food can be made without oil, the key is delicious! Can be used as a diet meal. What other unexpected usage do you have?


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