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What are the pros cons of an air fryer?


Most people already know the saying that "fried food is unhealthy", even some fast food restaurants have turned the former "fried chicken burger" into "grilled chicken burger", but after all, fast food restaurants are home-cooked meals , so the new favorite in the kitchen-air fryer has attracted the attention of many "home chefs". Today, the air fryer manufacturer Gateway Electric will talk to you about it.

Air fryer manufacturers

Air fryer manufacturers

Advantages of air fryer:

(1) If the air fryer is placed in the home kitchen, the floor area is particularly large, because the oven may take up a lot of space, but the air fryer will take up a lot of space. Compared with a rice cooker, the air fryer still needs less space. It will be larger, but it is very convenient when practicing moving.

(2) When the air fryer is making food, it is easy to make food for two people, it can also meet the needs of different amounts, unlike real fried food, because it is such a big pot of oil, so Said to basically fry a lot of things when cooking again.

(3) When the air fryer is in use, you can just dump all the pots things in it, then wipe a rag on the air fryer, use some clean wet paper towels on it. Do it again, so the air fryer is very easy to clean.

(4) The air fryer has its own control system. Except that it needs to be shaken at the beginning, basically no one needs to take care of it later. When the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically adjust, there is no possibility of frying. Set the associated time, when the time comes to the air fryer, this mechanical device will automatically turn off.

Air fryer disadvantages:

(1) When the air fryer is cooking, there is basically a limited range of dishes to choose . If one day there are many people in the family each person wants to roast a chicken, this function may be achieved through the air fryer. .

(2) The price of air fryers is generally a few hundred yuan. If it is lower, there may be no quality assurance. For other equipment of the same type, the price of this equipment is high, young people may also care about it. , but after all, a few hundred dollars is a small amount.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a relatively in-depth understanding of air fryers. Taishan Jiewei Electric (air fryer manufacturer) main products are air fryers slow presses. It is a mature company with rich experience in the production of kitchen appliances. The brand of air fryer is committed to escorting the healthy life of thousands of families. Customers friends in need are welcome to understand.

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