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What can the air fryer do?


1. One-time processing of ingredients

For example, the sweet sour small steaks that need to be oiled first, the oil burst shrimp. The small row does need to be refueled at all, cut into small pieces, mixed with a little rice wine can be thrown into the frypot, time (approximately) 30 minutes, temperature 200. Then you can do your own thing. During this period, it should be turned once heated evenly. After the small ribs are fried, the excess fat in the meat will flow to the bottom of the pot. Just take the meat out wrap it in a wok braise it in sweet sour sauce.

Cooking shrimp, an animal with a low fat content, requires us to add extra oil. Of course, even adding extra oil is more economical than frying first.

2. Heating of fried food baked food

Don't want to eat cold egg tarts? Don't want to eat cold croissant pineapple buns? Put it in the air fryer before eating, it will be hot for ten minutes.

The fried chicken in the set meal is often too much to eat, it is crispy difficult to eat when it is put in the microwave the next day. Although it is crispy but the skin is very dry. At this time, oil-free air fryer is needed. Anything re-fried in the air fryer is extremely crispy, it will also fry the excess fat in the fried chicken.

3. Fried chicken, fried fish, small crispy meat, croquettes

Pay attention to fried meat:

▷ Hanging pulp

Hanging pulp is recommended to use eggs + salt + edible oil (the three mixed together is to let you hang three times), the amount of oil needs to be tested a few times to know. The skin is dry if there is little oil. It is advisable to hang pulp. After full coverage, toss in a bowl, toss off excess egg liquid, otherwise it will become a paste when wrapped in powder.

▷ Powder coating

The flour can be selected according to your preferences. Usually, one kind is flour, such as starch flour, etc., the other is slag, such as the slag crushed by dried bread, can also be used as a food ingredient for frying. After the powder is wrapped, please shake it clean throw it into the pot. It should be covered with dry powder everywhere, but no extra will fall off.

▷ Shake pot

During the frying process, it must be thoroughly mixed at least once. Let the ingredients heat up evenly. The above steps are also applicable to the frying of ordinary pans, but do add oil to the hanging slurry.

4. Moisture-prone foods such as sunflower seeds peanuts

Do you think that the melon seeds will become damp soften when they are finished? Throw it into the Jet Air Fryer you can eat it in five minutes.

5. Frozen food (French fries, Colonel chicken nuggets, squid rings, onion rings)

These foods are easier to eat than instant noodles! Take it out of the freezer throw it directly into the frypot.



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