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Air Fryer---Food Chapter


Whenever I don't know what to eat, the first thing that pops out of my head must be fried food. However, the words that appear together with "fried food" are often-junk food, greasy, unhealthy, obese... This kind of desire to stop must suppress natural pain, I believe it must be more than me alone. At this time, the editor introduced the Gateway Air Fryer to save everyone.

With an oil-free air fryer, you can fry at home if you want to eat it. It is cooked in an enclosed space. You don’t have to worry about splashing oil at all. Basically, you use less oil even no oil. Okay, now let’s take a look at the foods made with air fryers today!

French fries, sausages

Ingredients: Quick-frozen French fries purchased in supermarket, a little cooking oil, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of tomato paste


1. Preheat the fryer at 180 degrees.

2. Mix the fries with a little cooking oil while preheating.

3. After preheating, pour the french fries directly into the fry basket spread the french fries evenly.

4. Set the time to 12 minutes.

5. Take out the frying basket at 2 minutes 5 minutes shake it to prevent uneven heating of the chips. The time number of jitters need be so absolute. Yes, you can feel the regularity once. You can just wait for "ding" afterwards.



Material: shrimp, salt pepper, five-spice powder, cooking oil,


1. Add two spoons of salt pepper, a spoonful of cooking oil. Stir to taste.

2. Set the air fryer to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

3. Smell the fragrance. When it is fried for 6 minutes, you don't need to flip the shrimp if you put less shrimp.

4. Sprinkle the scallion leaves on the platter, which is simple, convenient delicious.


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