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Extended knowledge of the air fryer


The air fryer occupies a small area can be taken anywhere, unlike the oven that occupies a corner of the kitchen; second, the former does require preheating, can be heated at any time, saving time compared to the oven; third, only a small amount of grease can be used to achieve The frying effect, the oven does have this advantage, consumes a lot of electricity.

Air fryer manufacturers

Air fryer manufacturers

It should be noted that although an air fryer consumes less oil than a wok takes less cooking time than an oven, it does mean that it is completely healthy. In fact, the oil is less, but the heat is lower than that of ordinary frying, but it is still inseparable the high temperature of about 180~200 ℃, the time-consuming may be longer than that of direct frying.

Starch in ingredients may generate acrylamide at 120°C, which also affects health

It can be seen that compared with cooking methods such as steaming boiling, this new cooking method can better retain the nutrition of food. However, in terms of taste, the taste cooked by the air fryer is more fragrant crisp. Each method must have its own advantages. You can choose according to your own needs. If you can’t do without fried food, it is recommended to eat 1~2 Try to control your intake every time.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a relatively in-depth understanding of air fryers. Taishan Jiewei Electric (air fryer manufacturer) main products are air fryers slow presses. It is a mature company with rich experience in the production of kitchen appliances. The brand of air fryer is committed to escorting the healthy life of thousands of families. Customers friends in need are welcome to understand.

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