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Air fryer principle introduction


If someone asks how to make chicken wings, pork chops, french fries, it is believed that the answer to many foodies will only have one word, that is, "deep fry." Indeed, as long as any food is fried in the oil pan, the fragrance will be crispy immediately frustrating. But it is delicious. Many people have to choose to eat eat less fried foods with high oil heat for health reasons.

Is there any best solution? At this time, some people will mention the air fryer known as the kitchen cooking artifact. Many people may still have the impression that the air fryer is "small kitchen appliances used for french fries", but recently the air fryer that has suddenly returned to heat has completely turned over to be the master! So is the air fryer really that powerful? How does it work?

The principle of air fryer

Literally understood, air fryers use air instead of oil to fry food. But in principle, it has nothing to do with the cooking method of "fried".

The oil-free air fryer is more like a small oven. It cooks cooked food relies on a heating tube (resistance wire). The difference is that the oven uses the heat of the heating tube to directly cook food, the air fryer needs a gust of wind-in the introduction of the air fryer, you will see a 360° air circulation. When working, the air fryer will blow inside.

There are two effects of air circulation:

1. The power of the air fryer the size of the heating tube are much smaller than that of the oven, the circulating air must be used to quickly heat up the interior of the fryer.

2. The oven needs to be preheated when it is used. Now with circulating air, there is no need to preheat in advance.



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