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Introduction to the characteristics of air fryer


Today I will show you about high-end kitchen appliances-air fryers! Take everyone to understand the characteristics of the Gateway air fryer.

First of all, what is the air fryer, it combines the functions of an oven, a microwave oven,  a bread machine, using the principle of air heat circulation to heat, without the need to put oil, making healthy  delicious.

Then some friends will ask  is the air fryer better than the oven?

[Feature 1]: The air fryer is more efficient  easy to operate.

If you have an oven at home, you should know that whether it is a large  small oven, you need to preheat it before making food. The warm-up time is about 10-30 minutes. If the time is too short, the food will cook very slowly. If the time is too long, it will affect the life of the heating element of the machine. The air fryer is different. It is a bit like a fool operation. It can be preheated for a few minutes. The ingredients are put in  the function keys are selected.

[Feature 2]: Small size  no space.

The smallest household oven is also 15L, generally about 25-40l for the whole family. It is bulky, heavy,  inconvenient to move. Especially for those kitchens that are  large by themselves, there is no place to put them,  the air fryer is different. For normal households, the volume is slightly larger than the rice cooker. The weight is no problem for an adult to lift,  it is very convenient to move.

[Feature 3]: No need for oil, healthy diet.

The principle of the air frying pan is to use high temperature hot air to squeeze out the oil  water  the food itself. Meat can really be made without the need to put oil,  it is made using the fat of the food itself, which consumes less oil than traditional frying.

[Feature 4]: Easy to clean  easy to store

The structure of the air fryer is very reasonable. Basically, there are fried blue  oil barrels. The location is reasonable. The excess residue  oil will be collected here. When cleaning, you can mainly clean these two accessories  soak them directly in the water. Just wash it.



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