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Air fryer recipe: a different way to eat tofu


If you rank the ingredients according to the consumption rate of the people high to low, then it is definitely tofu to sit on the top 1 of the top. It doesn't matter if the pork is expensive, I just buy less tofu minced meat. What to do if I have no appetite, then I will make Mapo tofu to stimulate the appetite.

It can be said that this cheap versatile food can meet all the cooking needs of ordinary people. Only you can’t think of it, you can’t do it without it. For example, the tofu bean balls to be taught today.

It is still a simple side dish that can be easily done with an air fryer. If you are in a bad mood, the step of cutting tofu can be changed to pinch by hand. Think of tofu as someone you hate then squeeze it with one hand. The decompression effect is first-class! If you like spicy food, you can also sprinkle a little chili noodles, anyway, there are many ways to eat, please feel free to play how you want to enjoy!


Material preparation

130 g tofu / 60 g minced carrot

45g crab mushrooms/16g coriander

40 grams of starch per egg

1 teaspoon allspice

1 tsp oyster sauce / 1/2 tsp salt

Production steps

1. Carrots are cut into hibiscus, tofu is chopped, crab mushrooms coriander are also chopped. (There is a wall breaking machine that can be used)

2. Carrots, crab-flavored mushrooms, coriander tofu residues are mixed, let stand for 10 minutes to separate out excess vegetable juice.

3. Add eggs, add starch five spices powder mix well.

4. Add oyster sauce salt, mix well, form a ball every 16 grams so.

5. Put the tiles into the frying basket, spaced apart each other. Preheat the air fryer at 180°C for 3 minutes, put it in the fry basket bake for 12 minutes. Use a wooden spatula to shovel out the vegetarian balls the fry basket.


1. If you want a good taste, the amount of flour should be adjusted according to the amount of water out of the dish. If there is more water, put more flour, vice versa.

2. After adding the starch, it can be formed into a ball, without pressing too tightly, he will naturally shape after baking.

3. Salt can be adjusted flexibly according to your taste.


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