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Which juicer is more suitable for squeezing juice?


If you want to drink a healthy nutritious juice at home, you can't do without a juicer. However, there are many machines in the market that can do this job. Blenders, juicers, wall breakers, raw juicers, slow squeezers, orange juicers, centrifugal juicers can make juice. So which of these machines makes better juice?

By function

Juicer: In fact, it is better to say that it is used to make puree than to make juice. The bottom is a motor, the bottom of the cup is a cutter head, it is removable. Everything is put into a paste. In addition to juicing, you can grind the meat smoothie.

Juicer: It is divided into manual electric. This type of juicer is specially used to process citrus fruits. It is directly squeezed through the clamp to make the pulp juice.

Centrifugal juicer: generally divided into three parts, centrifugal chamber, motor room, slag barrel. The cutter head rotates at a very high speed, thereby throwing the juice out to the juice cup, the pomace is thrown into the pail collection barrel.

Original juice machine: Very low speed spiral extrusion to squeeze juice out of the fruit.

According to the quality of juice

In terms of quality, we can also distinguish the effect of juice, the speed of juice, the types of applicable fruits.

Judging the effect of juice: centrifugal juicer>raw juice machine>squeezed orange juice machine>mixer.

The juice output of the centrifugal juicer is the best. Because the density of the pomace the juice is different, the separation is the most thorough. Although the original juice machine can also separate the juice pomace, for the fruit with harder pulp, it is easier to produce pieces the taste is slightly worse. When the orange juicer is used, many fruit particles will be discharged together with the juice. However, the blender cannot completely separate the fruit juice pomace, the mixed juice will show a clear layering effect after standing for a period of time.

the perspective of usable fruits: blender>centrifugal juicer ≈raw juicer>squeezed orange juicer.

Basically, all the fruits can be thrown into the blender, anyway, the rapid mixing will eventually become slag. Most of the fruit vegetable centrifugal juicers raw juice machines can also cope with it, but the slag with softer flesh will be relatively wet, which means that more juice is wasted. The juice machine is easy to produce lumps for the harder pulp has a bad taste. As for the orange juice machine, it can only be applied to citrus fruits.

For the pretreatment of fruits, peel seed the blender. Just squeeze the orange juice machine cut in half. Centrifugal juicers juicers need to be peeled preferably cut into strips.

Judging the speed of juice: centrifugal juicer>squeezed orange juice machine>mixer>raw juice machine. There is nothing to explain about this.

According to the difficulty of cleaning

Centrifugal Juicer>Orange Juicer>Blender>Raw Juicer.

The centrifugal juicer directly pours clean water into the fruit puts it in the inlet to start the rotation, the mixing chamber can also be directly removed for cleaning. The upper part of the orange juice squeezer can be removed cleaned separately. The top cup of the blender can be taken off, but the bottom cutter head is easy to clean. The juice machine needs to be disassembled cleaned one by one.

By price

Blender>Squeeze orange juice machine>Centrifugal juicer=raw juice machine.

If you prefer watermelon juice, you must choose the juice machine. Because the layer produced by the blender is super unpalatable the centrifugal juicer wastes too much.

For fruits with little juice, don’t use a blender, otherwise you will wait for baby food.

If it is an apple that oxidizes in the air very fast, choose a vacuum juicer, because the process of vacuuming can make the juice after being beaten better easy to store.

In the end, the juicer doesn't need to be too expensive. This thing has no technical content. The domestic big brands have a warranty the price is about 500, which is much different the imported more than 2,000.



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