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Technical principle of slow juicer


Slow juicers are completely different traditional high-speed centrifugal juicers. Slow juice extraction technology has played a subversive role in the field of food assisted processing (juicers/cookers). Even, it affects makes people realize that the slow speed technology is a solution to the problem of pure leafy fruit vegetable juice problems that traditional juicers cannot solve juice oxidation problems, cannot preserve juice cannot extract wheatgrass; The nutrients of original fruits vegetables. In order to achieve the unity of taste, convenience nutrition.

Rotating speed:

Slow speed technology (three kinds: 60 rpm, 70 rpm, 80 rpm);

High-speed centrifugal technology (above 15,000 rpm);

Cutter head: slow speed technology without cutter head (rely on spiral chewing propeller), high speed centrifugal technology with sharp cutter head.

Features: Generally, high-quality slow-speed juicers are equipped with commercial asynchronous motors food-grade non-metallic spiral propellers (for example, Omega uses ULTEM material), which uses slow-speed extrusion chewing squeezing at 80 less per minute Juice technology. It can extract pure leaf juice such as wheat grass.

The high-speed centrifugal type is adopted (the blade is shown above). After crushing the food, the crushed food is quickly thrown toward the filter screen, the juice is filtered, the pomace is thrown to the pomace bucket.

Nutrition retention: Slow juice extractor, using squeezing grinding to extract fruit vegetable juices. It will be exposed to too much air during the work, nor will it heat up, 100% of the vitamins, enzymes other nutrients in fruit vegetable juices are preserved.

The high-speed centrifugal juicer will increase the temperature during the crushing process fully contact with the air. During this period, most of the enzymes some vitamins have been oxidized lost their nutritional value to the human body.

Judging the juice comparison chart, after a few minutes of juice, the high-speed centrifugal juice has been stratified by oxidation. The slow juicer can keep the juice for 24 hours the maximum storage time is 72 hours (wheat grass pomegranate juice are recommended to be kept for no more than 24 hours, watermelon juice, pear juice, orange juice, etc. can be stored for 72 hours)



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